It may still be early to make generalizations about this flu season, but the numbers don’t lie. 36 states are already reporting widespread flu activity, with 21 states reporting a high number of cases. Note that it’s hard to track flu, testing for it can yield a false negative, and (usually) only severe cases go into the hospital, plus, people most susceptible to the flu–the elderly–aren’t tracked the same way. So even high reports are still underrepresenting what’s happening and how many people are sick!

While you can follow local news for flu reporting in your area, it’s safe to assume there’s a risk and be prepared. In most years, flu season peaks in February, so it’s likely still spreading.

The best defense against the flu is hand-washing. This year’s flu shot was a bust, but even in good years it’s still less effective than thorough, frequent hand-washing (and avoid touching your face, too). The flu shot this year is only about 10% effective (for otherwise healthy people, worse for those with weakened immune systems) and most years it’s about 60% effective. Hand-washing is 80-90% effective–the only gap it leaves is airborne transmission.

Close that gap a little by taking care of and supporting your immune system. Stay well-rested, hydrated, and fed in case you come in contact with the flu. You can also get daily immune support with colloidal silver.

To reduce airborne transmission, keep your air humid with a humidifier or monitored tea kettle/pot. And if you get sick, stay home.

Flu season usually lasts until May, but can last into June (and you can get the flu more than once!). So make flu prevention a habit, and make sure you’re prepared with plenty of colloidal silver.

How is flu season in your neck of the woods?


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