Rethinking Chronic Acne Treatment

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Standard treatments for chronic acne don’t work well and are even kind of redundant, according to new research. Basically, there’s a tendency to throw antibiotics at patients regardless of the outcome.

This leads to a couple of problems. First, the acne is still there! But we’ll get to alternate solutions in a minute.

Second, it contributes to antibiotic resistance. In this case, in particular, don’t think of antibiotic resistance as some far-off problem happening in hospitals. If you’re prescribed antibiotics for months (and the majority get a prescription that goes on for over 6 months), you become the vessel for superbugs, which can lead to life-threatening problems.

1 in 100 people carry MRSA. If undiagnosed it can lead to complications when they’re given more antibiotics (the MRSA becomes worse and symptoms become worse than no treatment).

So how to treat acne?

For some people, the answer might be antibiotics. But if antibiotics don’t work after a few weeks (never mind months) it’s time to switch to something new. (If they are working, consider switching to something that doesn’t cause antibiotic resistance like colloidal silver—you can also spray it directly).

Re-consider how you clean your face. Commercials spent several decades convincing people they need astringent washes, exfoliants, and a very aggressive approach to their skin. These days, a gentle approach (maybe even an oil based approach!) is what’s advocated, with some changes based on skin type and reaction to different oils (coconut oil isn’t for everyone’s skin).

And take note: there’s nothing you can do about your genes, and the size of pores on your chin, nose, and cheeks—and the black sebaceous filaments in them. Many people mistake them for blackheads and take the kill it with fire approach, but they will always regrow as an essential part of your skin.

Finally, here’s the real secret to healthy skin: probiotics. A healthy bacterial colony will encourage good skin, crowd out or fight off bad bacteria, and play a beneficial role in your overall health! Antibiotics will wipe them all out, so it’s up to you to encourage the right ones to come back in by eating a probiotic-rich diet (yogurt and other fermented foods) or even taking a probiotic supplement to make sure you’re getting a wide variety every day!

What do you think about the best way to fight acne?


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