Nothing cleans your sinuses faster, better, or more thoroughly than a sinus rinse. Whether your nose is running or just deeply and thickly congested, it gets the gunk out. Anyone who has flushed their sinuses raves about it, with extremes like “better than any medication” because, weird as it feels to put water in your sinuses, it just feels so good when it comes back out.

Just make sure you’re doing it safely. A lot of people who do it often seem to take shortcuts, so here’s how to stay safe. (And if you still want to do it quickly, try our Sinus Flooding Kit, which has everything you need ready to go).

The first rule of sinus flooding or rinses is never use tap water unless you purify it (boil then cool). But not everyone follows this rule, some even say they like to “live dangerously”. If all you’re thinking about is how miserable your cold is already making you, or if you figure you’ve already got a sinus infection then how much worse could it get? A lot worse. The amoebas and other pathogens in your tap water are safe to drink (they die in your stomach), but can easily take root in your sinuses: and they can be deadly. The probability of it happening only gets higher as time goes by, temperatures rise, and infrastructure ages.

And tap water includes bath water. Apparently it’s a thing to stop breathing and let water into your nose during epsom salt baths, but that’s still not safe, either!

Instead of tap water, our Sinus Flooding Kit uses colloidal silver. With a little bit of Xylitol to help balance pH, it delivers direct immune support.

Get relief safely. Get relief now with our Sinus Flooding Kit.

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