Cold and flu season is here, but it’s not just the season for respiratory illnesses, it’s the season for stomach flu. During the winter, stomach flu outbreaks become common in crowded areas like schools, daycares, and resting homes, mainly affecting the young and old, whose weakened immune systems make them particularly at risk.

It’s important to understand that people with healthy immune systems may contract stomach flu without showing symptoms, making them more likely to transmit it to the old or young they may be caring for. Some viruses that cause stomach flu, like the particularly nasty Norovirus, leave you contagious for weeks even after symptoms disappear, and so the only way to fight transmission is to have good hygiene practices year round.

Colloidal silver
, which is a  strong antimicrobial (killing viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens) is commonly coated onto surfaces in hospitals and other at risk facilities to deter disease transmission. One hospital even fights outbreaks by using a cleaner containing colloidal silver to disinfect surfaces.

When someone has stomach flu, it’s important to clean any surfaces they may have touched, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. People with stomach flu should avoid preparing food for others while they’re contagious.

Hand washing is also critically important, whether you’re preparing food or about to eat it. Most stomach flu is caught because somewhere along the line someone didn’t wash their hands, and strong viruses can quickly spread once one person is infected.

Besides helping to disinfect surfaces, colloidal silver as a supplement can also help support the immune system.

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