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You might already be swishing colloidal silver before you swallow to support natural dental health—but there’s another way to help: use a small spritz to keep your toothbrush in better condition. There are a few hygiene items that should be replaced regularly—but how often that depends on how you treat and store them, and if you have bigger concerns, a little extra effort might be worth it!

Dental Health

Preventing germ growth in your mouth is one of the keys to natural dental health. Brushing helps remove stuck food particles and disrupt bacterial growth (picture knocking over an anthill—-flossing really helps with this, too!). But is your toothbrush crawling with germs? Depends on how you store it! While it’s good to keep your toothbrush covered from other bathroom germs, you also need enough airflow that it will dry between uses. Water helps germs grow, after all! If you’re concerned about a dirty toothbrush, in addition to thoroughly rinsing it give it an occasional spritz with colloidal silver. You’re also supposed to get rid of your toothbrush after an illness, but what do you do about brushing your teeth while you’re sick? Get extra support from colloidal silver so you can keep up your natural dental health. Otherwise, replace your toothbrush every 3-6 months, or when the bristles start to bend and fade.

Here’s a big one: don’t forget to replace your contact case regularly. People are well informed about natural dental health, but what about eye health? It’s not just about vision! In some areas, tap water contains parasites, so you should minimize letting it get in your eyes and never shower with contacts in, which can facilitate parasites getting in. Throw away and replace your contact case regularly, and rather than washing it with tap water, colloidal silver can give it an occasional hygiene boost if you’re concerned (make sure you don’t have a silver allergy!). You can also use a contact lens solution to rinse out cases.

Don’t let ignore these little items, keeping them new and clean is critical to natural dental health and eye health! Give yourself a little extra support with colloidal silver.


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