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Touching ToothbrushesHepatitis C is, mostly, a silent virus. If you catch it, it can take decades before any real symptoms show up. Before that, you might just feel a little tired. Then, the fight for treatment begins.

But the bigger problem is that Hepatitis C is supervirulent, meaning it’s easy to transmit from one person to another. All you need is a single virus and a little bit of moisture. Microabrasions are enough to transmit the virus—that means tiny cuts from shaving you don’t even see or a little tenderness from your gums (even if you floss daily a little hormone fluctuation can make them tender), or chapped cracked lips. Little everyday problems that most people deal with year-round, even in good health, are enough for transmission.

So where do kids come in? Kids who are at high-risk for Hepatitis C (because mom has it, or dad, really) rarely get the screenings they need. One study found that only about 16% were getting the recommended screening (18 months after birth if mom tested positive, but there isn’t even a recommendation for kids who share a household with someone who’s infected).

And some cities with high rates of Hepatitis are seeing teens regularly turning up with the virus. Although many kids are healthy and strong and can kick the virus even if they’re exposed, some will carry the virus silently, and a small percentage will have more severe symptoms that get turned on in their teen years.

What can be done? Either parents or OB/GYNs need to communicate to pediatricians that kids are at risk. Anyone with Hep C needs to be aware how easy transmission is, and keep a good personal bubble as well as keep personal items (like toothbrushes, razors, etc.,) out of reach of kids. And, keeping your own immune system strong and healthy has multiple benefits, so take care of yourself in addition to working with your pediatrician.

What can you do to support your immune system if you have Hepatitis C? Coffee has been found to be good liver support. Plenty of rest is important with any chronic condition—sleep is strongly tied to helping your immune system and you should find that you naturally want more. Good nutrition helps with many things, but antioxidants, in particular, are good for the liver. You can even get a multivitamin like Liver MGR that’s specifically formulated for liver support.

And colloidal silver is great immune support. For those waiting for the right treatment for them, doing everything you can to support yourself while you wait should stay at the top of your list.


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