There’s something that scientists think is better for your cough than cough medicine, and it’s both natural and delicious. Sucking on chocolate is reported by study participants to do a better job of eliminating coughing. If you have a cough, a nice piece of dark chocolate may be a good first step, but don’t forget immune support with colloidal silver.

It’s not too good to be true. Chocolate (especially dark chocolate without all the added sugar and milk) is known for being good for you, and studies confirm it. Chocolate is believed to help reduce coughing by reducing irritation and inflammation. Sucking on food also helps to create saliva, which can help with certain types of coughs. There’s also likely a corollary where OTC cough medicine isn’t what it used to be because of the war on drugs—so there’s barely a reason not to choose natural!

Treating a cough is just treating a symptom—necessary but not a complete solution. You can keep it natural (and simple) with colloidal silver. As daily immune support, or as targeted lung support when paired with a nebulizer.

Don’t wait until you have a cough. Flu season is still mounting and there are plenty of other viruses in circulation, too. Stay on top of your health and ahead of it with colloidal silver immune support. And when you feel that tickle in your throat getting going, ramp up the support by pulling out your nebulizer. If you still get a cough (and some viruses work hard to give you a nice, deep, lingering cough) go for the natural solutions—honey, chocolate, and chamomile tea.

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