Did You Get Caught In The Cold?


Woman With ColdIt’s spring, but there was a cold snap at the end of this week. If cold and flu season was at the back of your mind (it’s supposed to go to June this year), don’t feel bad if you, well, feel bad.

Catching that you have a cold early means you can probably minimize the symptoms and get over it faster—but not if you just ignore the signs!

Cold weather causes sniffles and sneezles as your nose warms and moistens the air you breathe. That doesn’t mean you’re sick, but it can help lead to it. If fever starts up, get home to bed!

Sinus infections, colds, and the flu are all viruses. Once you’re sick, you just have to bunker down with some tea. Stay home, because the flu spreads more easily in dry weather.

You can also:

-Turn up your humidity when it gets cold with a humidifier or tea kettle, to help stop the spread of flu.

-Keep your immune system strong—get extra sleep, force yourself to keep eating, and drink lots of clear fluids.

-Try and keep your sinuses clear. Once you’re sick, all that mucus can lead to sinus infections, bronchitis, and other secondary infections. A steam room (or steamy shower), a sinus rinse, or a sinus flood, depending on how congested you are can help keep things clear, which will also help you sleep better.

-And of course, support your immune system with colloidal silver!

Here’s something to look forward to: the cold harsh winter means fewer mosquitoes and ticks this summer. For now, stay warm, and watch out for people going to work sick over the next week.

How do you feel about the cold snap?


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