Eating A HamburgerIt doesn’t matter whether it’s organic, grass-fed, or penned-up and corn-fed. New research tested ground beef… and 100% was contaminated with E. coli.

In addition, 20% was contaminated with a bug that causes food poisoning, C. perfringens, 10% with staph, and 1% with salmonella!

While everything had something, antibiotic resistant superbugs were more common in conventionally raised beef. (As a general rule, there’s less bacteria in organic beef, although there’s a higher risk of toxoplasmosis, since wandering cows have a better chance of encountering infected mice).

Even the hardiest immune systems can succumb to food poisoning. A strong immune system might have a shorter, more mild bout, but who wants any? (PS, make sure you have a strong immune system on the gastrointestinal front with plenty of probiotics in your diet, or in your morning supplement regime. Supporting your overall immune system with colloidal silver helps, too.)

Cook your burgers all the way through, clean anything raw meat touches ASAP, and wash your hands frequently. If you absolutely want a burger that’s a little pinker, try grinding your own meat. You’ll be starting with less surface area, so less germs to kill by over-cooking it (although, again, take note, parasites may still be an issue, but only for people with weak immune systems).

If you eat out, order burgers a bit more well-done (unless you’re really certain about where their meat comes from and how it’s prepared).

And even with all that bacteria, that doesn’t even get to the occasional recall. It’s a good reason to make sure that you’ve always got extra immune system support (feeling sick? Take a probiotic quickly, it always helps me. If I eat something iffy, I rush home to some colloidal silver).

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