Sick Woman In Bed With thermometerYou feel miserable, and probably don’t care what it is, just that you have it. And after all, both are viruses and can’t be treated by antibiotics, you just have to support yourself while you get through it.

There are a few benefits to knowing, though. Flu transmission can be slowed by adding some humidity to your home—like boiling water for tea (and letting it run) or better, running a humidifier. And there are more things you should watch out for if you have the flu.

Both cold and flu are very similar, with coughing, sneezing, and other signs of respiratory infection.

Colds come on more gradually, and tend to last longer (barring complications).

Flus come on sudden and strong. They’re more likely to cause a high fever, more likely to cause complications (though both can!), and more likely to knock you out with severe aches and weakness that can last for weeks.

Both warrant taking extra good care of yourself—staying home, resting, getting enough nutrition, and giving your immune system extra support with colloidal silver. But if you have the flu—double down with that care! Complications from the flu can be severe and life threatening, and people with weakened immune systems are much more prone to them.

It’s time to see a doctor if you have severe chest pain, trouble breathing, a high fever that lasts too long (talk to your doctor before trying to break a fever), or symptoms last longer than a week (or two weeks if it’s a cold). Coughing and aches can sometimes linger.

The best way to prevent cold and flu is good self-care, including plenty of hand washing. You can’t avoid sick people completely, especially at this time of year. So rest up, eat well, and make sure you have colloidal silver on hand.

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