New findings have pinpointed a correlation between your mouth bacteria and your gut health. Each day, you swallow over a litre of water and with it washes down all the bacteria you harbor in your mouth. Some of those bacteria are bad for your gut, and might trigger different health problems including Crohn’s and other inflammatory diseases.

According to the new research, better gut health was associated with fewer mouth bacteria, or, in other words, a cleaner mouth. And those dirty mouths? A saliva transfer to mice not only yielded gastrointestinal illness, digging deeper found that some of those bacteria are superbugs (more harsh and harder to kill).

What can you do? Follow your dentist’s advice and floss once per day, and brush at least twice. Flossing before bed (meaning before your nightly fast) gives your mouth a long time to be clean. You can always floss more than once per day if you’re ambitious, or follow up with mouthwash for another dimension of germ fighting.

Mouth still not clean enough? Get some immune support from colloidal silver. If you’re already taking colloidal silver each day, get a little more out of it by swishing it around your mouth and even gargling before swallowing to maximize contact and encourage direct immune support of your mouth and throat. After you swallow it, it’s direct immune support for your gut, helping your body to fight bad bacteria and inflammation.

If you’ve already got gut problems you’re trying to deal with, try adding in some good bacteria (probiotics) to help your body to crowd out and fight off bad bacteria washing down from your mouth.

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