Sick Dog CuteFor dogs, summer doesn’t mean the end of flu season. In fact, outbreaks of dog flu continue to pop up across the country. The latest is in North Carolina.

Whether you’re boarding your dog, or travelling with one, your pup’s health should be at the top of your list.

H3N2 had a large outbreak earlier this year in Chicago—virulent, vets struggled to keep it contained. It spread to Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana. While things were quiet for a while, now North Carolina has it, and South Carolina’s vets are bracing for it.

What to watch out for? Coughing, lack of energy, lack of appetite, and fever.

Dog flu incubates for about 10 days, so if an outbreak hits your area, keep your dog at home. An incubation period means 10 whole days of being contagious without symptoms, so dog parks, kennels, and other dog-friendly places are at a bigger risk of outbreak. And if you’re travelling, keep your dog by you, not out making new friends.

You can help curb the spread of dog flu the same way you can help curb the spread of regular flu: wash your hands. Washing your hands frequently is a good habit, but in this case, make double sure you wash them after petting your dog, someone else’s dog, or even just visiting the home of another dog. Dog flu is strong enough to spread by touch, so think about the chain of what you’re touching (or just wash frequently).

And support your pup’s immune system, just like you would your own. Add a few drops of colloidal silver to their water bowl. Just like with people, very old and very young dogs have weaker immune systems, and are more at risk.

The good news, at least, is that humans and pets aren’t at risk of catching dog flu.

What are you and your dog up to this summer?


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