Dog and VetHighly virulent, a form of the flu only contagious to dogs is sweeping the Chicago area. It’s expected to last for weeks, so here’s how to keep dogs safe (not near Chicago? Read on anyway, so you’re prepared if it hops to your area!).

First, as with human flu, prevention!:

-If only it were as easy as paw-washing! Dogs sniff, lick, nuzzle, taste and get rubs—all of which can spread doggy-flu. Keep curious noses out of dog-friendly areas until vets give the all-clear. Pet parks, classes, and kennels basically hot spots at the moment.

-You CAN wash your own hands, if you visit someone else with dogs. This flu strain is virulent enough that it can be spread by surfaces. You visit friend with dog, sit in Fido’s spot on the couch, then return home to your own beloved fluff ball—if one dog was sick, they now both are!

-And of course, you can support your pets’ immune systems, just like your own! Just add a small amount of colloidal silver to their water bowl.

Know About Dog Flu:

-Humans and cats (and other pets) can’t get sick from doggy flu, so no worries there.

-It’s not kennel cough, it’s actually worse. See/call a vet at the first sign of ANY symptoms!

-Symptoms can incubate for 10 days, so assume any dog you see is carrying.

-Symptoms include: cough, lethargy, lack of appetite, and fever.

The outbreak is expected to last at least a few weeks, so keep a close eye on your dog friends for the next few months, and keep that immune support up! Secondary infection is a risk, so even if the flu gets through keep it up.

And again, Chicago is a hub. So know the symptoms in case you become an early case in your area, you can get pets treatment early!

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