Your pets are probably just as excited for summer as you are—more time outside, walks with you, and new places and friends to smell.

But there are plenty of dangers during the summer months, most of which just require a little prevention. Especially if your pet is people to you, make sure you’re doing everything to keep them safe (and prevention helps you avoid a big vet bill later!). One tip? Make sure to support their immune systems with colloidal silver.

1) The number one risk for all pets during the summer months: heat. Never leave your dog or cat in a car with the windows rolled up (and even cracked, it may not be enough on a hot day!). Besides the risk of death, it’s illegal in some areas, and concerned citizens may even take it upon themselves to break a window and save your pooch.

At home, make sure that outside pets have shelter/shade, and fresh cool water. You can even fill a kiddie pool to give them somewhere cool they can also play!

2) Even indoors, water is really important for pets during the summer. Some breeds really aren’t meant for warmer climates, and will dehydrate and overheat much more quickly. Not all dogs have summer and winter coats!

Keep water cold with a frozen water bottle or an ice block (in addition to the water). You can help keep warm water fresh (and with less bacteria) by adding a drop or two of colloidal silver (and bonus: it boosts your pet’s immune systems to help prevent diseases they might catch from other outdoor pets!)

3) Keep outdoor pets safe by checking your yard for wasps and other pests once a week. Sheds, dog houses, even cable boxes or other service equipment can suddenly become infested, leading to big problems for your pets and you. Get them early, or call in a professional.

4) Speaking of heat, paws don’t do well on hot sidewalks. Check with your own skin before sending pets onto hot surfaces, then choose either a grassy path, or (if pups will tolerate it) invest in some doggy shoes (check second hand shops for a deal). It’s easier than dealing with paw blisters later!

5) Time for fun in the sun? Check with your vet about your dogs skin/fur type, because believe it or not, some dogs need sunscreen! It might be a breed thing, or a weird, patchy, genetic anomaly, but either way, avoid the hassle and pain of pet sunburn by figuring out what’s needed before keeping your dog outside all day. Then choose a pet-safe sunscreen since they might lick themselves!

6) If you’re headed to water, don’t assume your pet has natural instincts about swimming, or that they have the stamina (especially anywhere there are currents!). Keep your pet on a leash, invest in or borrow a doggy life jacket, or find another precaution that works for your situation.

And take a huge note: dogs will instinctively try and use other swimmers as a landing point, potentially drowning them. So make sure they have a clear path out of water and aren’t pushing and people under! Dogs almost need more supervision than kids around water!

7) Take it easy for those first summer adventures. Just like people, a relaxed indoor life and a little too much eating during the winter can lead to some extra pounds. In the excitement of being outside/somewhere new, an overactive dog might accidentally injure their back with the extra weight. Summer’s a great time to help them lose it, just take it easy!

8) When it’s warm, cars will sometimes leak antifreeze. Watch for any suspicious puddles, and clean it up before pets get a taste!

9) Taking a trip without your pets? Kennel cough and other communicable diseases (especially for cats) aren’t necessarily limited to winter. Fortunately, the internet has brought about even more options, from websites that connect you with your neighbors, to those that vet pet sitters for you, and more. There are lots of alternatives to the traditional kennels, but if you love your local kennel, you can make it a little better for your pet by giving them immune support with colloidal silver before and after!

10) Worth its own separate “pests” mention: ticks and mosquitoes. Pets can get West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease, and other tick or mosquito borne illnesses just like people. They can also bring those disease carrying ticks right into your home! Make sure your yard is as inhospitable as possible for ticks and mosquitoes, and keep out wildlife (even birds!). Do tick checks on outside pets, and consult your vet immediately if you think they’re sick (and bring in any tick that you dig out! If you get Lyme Disease too, it might speed up your own diagnosis).

Pest-borne illness is another reason to support your pet’s health will colloidal silver this summer. All it takes is a drop or two in their water bowl!

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