Don’t Forget Your Pets This Holiday


Party Time PetWhether you’re working longer hours, traveling to celebrate, or just out enjoying some time off, make sure your pets are all set for the next few weeks.

First, pick out a good care plan for your pets. Some cities do fireworks on New Year’s, for instance, so heads up that pets left alone might go a little wild. If you’re not into boarding them (kennel cough!) consider checking out one of the many babysitting sites, like, out there—they often have pet sitters, too. A less crowded environment, or having someone check in on them in their own space is a better option for a lot of pets.

If pets are traveling with you, make sure they’re secured in your vehicle (for both your safety and theirs, a fender bender is a much bigger deal when you’re not seat belted and little). You can buy fancy seat belt harnesses for pets, or you can just strap down a kennel. There are also lots of options to help pets fend off car sickness, so talk to your vet if you’re going a long distance or it’s been a problem in the past.

And it’s a good time of year to give pets a few drops of colloidal silver in their indoor pet bowls for immune support. Exposure to new animals, at a kennel or even dogs or cats visiting from out of state can bring illness, just like humans do (feline leukemia virus, feline AIDS, feline herpes, kennel cough, even the flu!). Some pets can even be prone to sinus infections from runny noses—just like us!

And don’t forget, some pets are going to be stressed out by all the change and chaos, which can affect their immune system the same way stress can impact a human’s immune system.

Whatever Fluffy and Fido’s holiday plans, make sure they have the same extra support you do!

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