Don’t Leave Home Without This!


Camping in the ForestPlan on doing some casual camping this summer? Maybe out of your car, or hitting the road in your RV? You absolutely need to have this with you!

Smelly Shoe Spray is about so much more than just shoes. Keep the camping experience less stinky, but still natural, by making sure you’ve got a bottle in your car, your camper, and your bag!

When will you use Smelly Shoe Spray? To freshen up your pet’s bed before loading it back in your car— you don’t want to be driving home with everything Fido rolled or splashed in filling your car with odors (Muddy puddle? River algae? Flowering groundcover or a bush full of pollen? What the more energetic pups getting into food, scat, etc. Have you ever seen a dog blissfully roll in goose splatter? I have.).

And you’re probably not laundering anything before heading home. Make the trip more pleasant by spraying everything from yes, your shoes, to the tank you hiked in, the sleeping bag you slept in, to towels, bags, and any other linens you may have packed. Otherwise, after a day or so, some of the more moist items will have the faint smell of mould!

And Smelly Shoe Spray can be twice as useful if you’re in an RV. Turning off the AC as you climb through a mountain pass? Or just conserving fuel through a long empty stretch? Get the smell of summer heat (ie sweat) out of curtains, cushions, and more with a quick spritz of Smelly Shoe Spray.

And here’s a two-fer: humans, and even pets, can get car sick! Fight the smell with Smelly Shoe Spray—the nice burst of peppermint will ALSO help with that feeling of nausea! Peppermint is often recommended for stomach upset.

Not sure if you really need to combat odor? If you’re stopping in to visit friends during your travels, remember, they’ll appreciate it! While most will probably be happy to share their washer, not bringing in a malodorous pile of clothes is a considerate gesture of appreciation!

I can probably think of another dozen ways to use Smelly Shoe Spray while camping. Can you?


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