Sometimes, you need more immune support than usual. A head cold, a sinus infection, a runny nose from the cold, all of it goes down your throat, and right past, over, in your lungs. Sometimes, your lungs need immune support too.

Try a nebulizer. Nebulizers can deliver an added immune boost, some extra hydration (winter air is dry! Not only does that hurt when you’re cold, it can mean the spread of flu), and increase comfort (especially when thick mucus is building up).

Don’t hold off, learn a little bit more about nebulizers, and how they can make your winter a lot easier!

First, you don’t need a prescription to use a nebulizer. We get a lot of phone calls about that! If that was the case once, it hasn’t been in years, because nebulizers are a great tool for people who need that extra support.

Just use common sense. Like with sinus rinses, never, ever use tap water in your nebulizer. Boiling and cooling water may be safe for sinus rinses and floods, but is not good enough for breathing in. Purified bottled water is ok, but even better is colloidal silver. (Pick up a 4 pack with your nebulizer).

Pull out your nebulizer when you start to feel that cough inducing clog, or if you just think you’re at risk of it (again, snot running down your throat is a great way to get a more serious infection!). Measure out a teaspoon of colloidal silver, and settle back. The newer nebulizers are quieter than ever, so you can settle back with your newest Netflix find or catch up on your reading while supporting your health.

You know that ache from a racking cough? A little bit of moisture goes a long way to increasing comfort, and loosening things up to stop the strain in every cough.

If you don’t already have a nebulizer, order one now. The comfort it can offer when your lungs are struggling against winter ailments can be invaluable. And don’t forget to get a ten pack of MesoSilver to go with it—for your nebulizer, to refill your sinus kit, or just for your daily immune support.

How has nebulizing helped you?


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver MesoSilver is an all-natural, drug-free dietary supplement that acts as an unparalleled supplement to the immune system. Use it to fight off pathogens and keep your body healthy.

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