Draught Amplifying West Nile Virus


Birds In A BathIn states where rain is bountiful, everyone is panicking about West Nile Virus. More rain means more mosquitoes, and mosquitoes transmit the virus. The upside is that if you take precautions, especially clearing your yard of standing water, the mosquitoes will go elsewhere, and you can lower your risk of catching West Nile Virus.

But for people in draught states? There may be fewer mosquitoes, but they’re all headed for your backyard. And so are birds, which transmit West Nile Virus to mosquitoes, who are right there to spread it to you. How? Why? Well, with fewer places in nature to breed, mosquitoes and birds are congregating at artificial pools of water that humans are maintaining.

If you’ve haven’t paid attention to mosquito warnings, here are the basics.

Mosquitoes breed in standing water. Your pool, your unattended dog dish, your bird bath, all are prone to becoming mosquito breeding grounds. If you’ve been neglecting them thinking that there’s no risk, it might be time to do a sweep of your yard and evaluate where mosquitoes might like it. (And, even if you’re a bird lover, now’s not the time to be a bird hangout. Besides West Nile Virus, bird flu is still going around too, and there’s a good chance it will eventually spread to humans.)

And don’t forget to support your immune system. West Nile Virus, travel, vacationers (especially if you’re near a tourist destination), and more are still around during the summer to get you sick. Try a daily supplement of colloidal silver for some support, in addition to the old stand-bys of eating well, getting enough sleep, exercising, etc.!

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