SmokerTobacco smoke increases the virulence of MRSA and other antibiotic resistant bacteria while simultaneously hindering the body’s ability to fight them. E-Cigarette vapor has this effect, but not as strongly as regular cigarette smoke. So, it’s better, but still not good.

Any cells regularly exposed to tobacco smoke are at an increased risk for MRSA or other infections. That means there’s a good chance that the extra sinus infections associated with smoking are antibiotic resistant, meaning a round of antibiotics won’t get rid of them (or worse, will be enough to smother symptoms while still leaving the strongest 10% of bacteria to grow back worse than ever).

That also means that if the sinus infection develops into bronchitis or pneumonia, it’s going to be more serious and harder to treat.

If you’re going to smoke, E-cigarettes are the better option, but it’s still best not to smoke at all, and you shouldn’t think that E-cigarettes are safe… just marginally safer. So if you smoke continue to monitor your health, and support your immune system. You can clean your sinuses out with a sinus rinse, this will help clear out mucus and that dark debris that tends to accumulate when you smoke often. Just be sure to never use tap water without boiling (and cooling) it first. Better yet, try a sinus rinse with colloidal silver.

E-cigarettes are getting a lot of negative headlines. Again, they are better than regular cigarettes, but they still are a lot worse than not smoking at all. If you want to quit, here are a couple natural strategies:

-Replace the habit. Every time you want a cigarette, eat a stick of celery, try snapping a rubber band you wear around your wrist, or some other habit.

-Try meditation. Nicotine wires your brain to have an addiction, so spend some time actively rewiring your brain. Redirect your craving, make smoking a negative connotation, or just increase your walking-awareness so that you don’t absent mindedly reach for a cigarette.

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