The second largest Ebola outbreak is still growing, with more than a thousand cases so far (the biggest Ebola outbreak spanned 3 years, from 2013-16, and had over 11,000 cases). An increased population, fighting (including 5 attacks on medical aid centers in the last month), and shifting populations is making control of the outbreak near impossible for aid workers, despite improvements since the last outbreak like increased awareness and funding, a vaccine, etc. For most, Ebola in West Africa is a world away—but with Ebola being one of the most easily transmittable diseases we’ve seen, how long will that last?

The good news is that the few suspected cases have tested negative, so Ebola hasn’t hopped on a plane yet. Other good things to remember: there’s a government study showing nano silver is effective at fighting Ebola.

Symptoms of Ebola include red/bleeding eyes, and sudden flu-like symptoms including vomiting. With many viruses in widespread circulation (and several ongoing outbreaks) and increased awareness about all sorts of specific viral illnesses, it’s both easier and harder to watch for exposure. Easier because more reporting is being done when someone carrying a contagion goes through an airport or visits a shopping center, harder because that creates a lot of noise to shift through.

Keep track of local news, and pay close attention when traveling—where you’re going, news about airports, where other travelers are coming from (example: Hawaii gets visitors frequently from other tropical islands, allowing the easy spread of tropical mosquito borne diseases when there are outbreaks).

And keep your immune system supported with healthy habits and immune supporting colloidal silver.

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