Ebola Upgraded to “Entrenched”


The Ebola outbreak in the Congo is only getting bigger, and as this point things are looking worse, not better—and Ebola is now being called “entrenched”. That means that experts are no longer looking at this like it’s curable, and that we need to all look at it as a permanent risk. That means caution when traveling (not just to Ebola infected regions, but areas where you might encounter other travelers from Ebola infected regions), and maintaining awareness of Ebola and its symptoms since odds are now much higher that it will visit the western hemisphere again.

Ebola symptoms are a sort of rapid onset of viral illness symptoms, coupled with a few noticeable signs, like bloodshot eyes, stomach pain and diarrhea. While Ebola is rarely curable, even those who survive aren’t out of the woods as Ebola lingers in the eyes and testicles, lingering as a possible source for a new outbreak and potentially causing further problems.

While awareness doesn’t seem like much, it’s all that’s really needed for now. If you’re traveling somewhere tropical, don’t forget your colloidal silver immune support (all those mosquito borne illnesses are still a problem, too).

There’s also the possibility that a vaccine could make improvements, making it easier to stop the flow of new Ebola cases. Getting control of the situation is complicated by fighting, frequent moving (often because of the fighting), and how overwhelmingly contagious Ebola is. While doctor’s try to keep track of who infected who, they can’t keep a grip on it in the current outbreak as new patients keep cropping up (and it might even be genuinely new patient zeros as Ebola is also spreading among animals).

Stay tuned to the outbreak, but don’t worry.

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