Ebola Watch: It’s Getting Worse


Congo’s raging Ebola epidemic is getting worse, and it may get worse yet.

Ebola has spread to a bigger city (Butembo), a trading hub no less, and as more patients crop up each week there’s a race to produce more of the vaccine that helps prevent transmission.

If you’re not up to date, here’s what’s going on: Ebola is raging, again, and containing it has been difficult. Because of violence in the area, people are moving around even more than usual, spreading the disease and making tracing the source of new infections nearly impossible. And because of that violence, doctors and other aid workers had to pull back, which has only made it easier for Ebola to spread.

Ebola is highly contagious, more often than not deadly, and hard to treat. Patients might be contagious for life as Ebola lingers for months in sperm and eyes. Getting rid of Ebola is hard, and getting rid of it permanently near impossible as jungle mammals often carry Ebola and spread it through bites, or when consumed.

The longer this Ebola outbreak goes on and the more it spreads the more likely it becomes that it will become an international outbreak.

During the last international outbreak of Ebola (which even saw cases in the US) a DOD report was released showing nano silver was effective against Ebola.

If you’re traveling, read ahead about any area you visit. Not just what outbreaks are currently ongoing, but where people there are coming and going from—avoid hubs likely to transmit diseases (not just Ebola, but yellow fever and other tropical diseases).

And support your immune system with colloidal silver, when you’re traveling and at home.

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