Experts are Warning Against a Global Flu Pandemic


Every country is vulnerable against a possible outbreak, and flu is the pathogen most likely to cause one. Studies are being done to evaluate risk—how many people does the average person interact with in a day? In how wide an area? —and so forth. The conclusion they’re coming to is we all need a plan—at the government level, and at the personal, and we need to invest in solutions. At the personal, good self-care and extra support from colloidal silver are a good start.

It’s been one hundred years since the great flu pandemic, and while education and medicine have advanced, we’ve also developed more risk factors: we travel more and farther, we live closer together, and there’s just more of us to spread it . So while technology offers solutions, we may still be as at risk as ever!

The good news is the individual can have a big effect. Hand washing is more than 50% effective at preventing diseases—and that number goes higher for people with weakened immune systems.

Awareness is also important—knowing when flu hits your city, what it’s like where you’re traveling, and just paying attention in public places. Is the waiter pale, miserable, and sniffly? Many jobs don’t like having employees out sick, so restaurants and similar types of places are likely to be places flu and colds circulate.

Self-care can also go a long way. Support your health during flu season by always getting enough rest, eating well, getting some exercise, and maybe even taking a supplement like colloidal silver. Catching the flu could come down to the day you didn’t sleep well, skipped breakfast, and were already feeling sore. Colloidal silver offers an extra layer of immune support for those times when the basics slip past us.

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