Fall Allergies: Ragweed Season


LeavesFall means moldy dead leaves, ragweed, and a higher incidence of congestion and sinus infections.

While you can’t control the outdoors, you can improve your immediate environment and support yourself.

Attack your yard:

– Remove dead leaves and other debris from your yard.

– Try and choose plants that don’t give off ragweed. Of course, that might leave your yard a little plain and bare.

Support Yourself:

– Low vitamin levels are correlated with stronger allergy symptoms. Vitamin C and A in particular are recommended to fend off symptoms—so make sure you have a good daily multivitamin.

– Support your immune system with colloidal silver. And if you need to do a sinus rinse, colloidal silver is a safer alternative to tap water (never use tap water).

It’s also a good time to go through the house and clean out other sources if allergens:

-Deep clean all pet spaces. Launder and air out pet beds, scrub cages, and clean or toss soft toys as needed.

-Dust all the weird places. The high ones, the crannies, under appliances, and air ducts. Change filters and check smoke detectors, too. If you have to hide inside because of outdoor allergies, make sure it’s as comfortable as possible.

-Set your humidifier up right. Too much and you risk mold, but a little is good for protecting against flu transmission. Follow the instructions it came with: usually you want a stream of humidity that’s just short of of visible or less.

What’s your worst fall allergy?


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