Fight Bacteria, Cure Cat Allergies?


Woman Holding CatScientists have found out how cat dander can trigger allergies: when in the presence lipopolysaccharide, a molecule found in the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria, the immune system is told to send an overwhelming response to snuff it out—creating allergy symptoms.

The new research promises that a cure, or at least very good treatment, may be ready in as little as 5 years, and that dog dander allergy sufferers may also benefit!

But if you’re desperate to own a cat now and have severe allergies, it would seem that decreasing the bacteria in your body could be what it takes. To that end, you should support your immune system in advance with colloidal silver.

Decreasing bacterial colonies may help decrease immune system triggers (eventual treatment will focus on blocking the pathway to the immune system). It could be why people report feeling better when using colloidal silver during allergy season.

I would say you should work to decrease cat dander too, but cat dander sticks to everything (so good luck trying). And even though you can bathe your cat, who wants to? (Except in the most necessary of situations).

Do you have cat allergies? Do you own a cat anyway, wish you did, or could you care less?


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