Spring may have pollen, but fall has decaying leaves, dust, cold weather (encouraging that mucus to breed infection), and, this year, lots of smoke. Start early with precautions against fall allergies and asthma.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so start by finding ways to be proactive. Stay on top of allergens and asthma triggers by clearing debris from your yard as it falls (just like you should shovel snow while it’s falling to avoid back injury, clear leaves as they fall to help reduce mold and other build up in your yard). It’s also the season to change filters (and a good time check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors). Inside your home (and your car, or any space you spend time) dust often and tidy up to help prevent outside allergens from tracking inside.

If you start feeling that congestion, your body is signalling it needs support, so give it some.

For sinus congestion, try our Sinus Flooding Kit. Using colloidal silver (and a little Xylitol for pH balance and comfort) it soaks out packed, hard to clear congestion. You can also add a little colloidal silver to your regular sinus rinse for a daily boost, but a sinus rinse doesn’t compare to the deep soak of a sinus flood. If you want to clear congestion symptoms for bed or work, a sinus flood is essential.

If the congestion spreads to your lungs because you’re coughing or overrun with mucus (or if you’re just worried it will), pull out your nebulizer for some lung support.

Colloidal silver is great immune support that you can use several different ways. Make sure you have enough for the season, and stay proactive about clearing fall asthma and allergy triggers.

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