In the animal kingdom, mosquitoes pose the biggest threat to humans. Even in America mosquitoes can carry several diseases that if not deadly still have severe side-effects. With flooding increasing the mosquito population in several parts of the country, here’s how you can beat mosquitoes naturally—first with prevention, and second by supporting yourself with colloidal silver.

The first step is to protect your home—make your yard and home inhospitable to mosquitoes.

There are two types of mosquito to watch out for—one that is carrying West Nile Virus and ranges further north into older climates (all the way to Canada, actually) and one that carries a slew of tropical diseases (like Zika and Dengue Fever) and could show up in warmer climates like Hawaii, the American south, and part of Texas through Southern California.

To put a stop to the mosquitoes that could be carrying West Nile Virus, keep still water out of your yard. Change water bowls for pets at least daily, or dump them out. Keep that fountain or pond moving, or chlorinate it. And look around your yard after a rainfall for any areas that may collect water. By doing this, your stopping mosquitoes from laying eggs in your yard (although a neighborhood effort is most effective).

Tropical mosquitoes like to go inside. Keep your home cool to discourage them. If air conditioning is unreasonable, check your local home or garden store for natural products that won’t harm pets or humans but deter mosquitoes; specifically ones that go on walls and under beds.

Mosquitoes (and other pests) dislike smells that humans like, so consider a small indoor herb  garden (basil, rosemary, sage, garlic) or planting peppermint, lavender, citronella, and marigolds outside. These are also a great foundation for natural bug repellent.

If you notice you’re getting bit this summer, make sure to support your immune system (sleep, colloidal silver, lots of healthy food). The viruses mosquitoes carry, like all viruses, require rest and immune support to get over.


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