Sick By FireIf you have even the mildest of lung problems, you probably feel cold weather (and snow!) coming better than most people, because your lungs feel the sudden change to dry air!

Running a humidifier can help a lot (it also helps decrease flu transmission), but a lot of factors may make that not enough (like if you still smoke!). Sitting in the bath or a hot shower works too—but you can’t do that all day long!

Another option to help moisten your lungs—and more directly support their health with immune system supporting colloidal silver—is to run a nebulizer. It turns colloidal silver into a mist that you can breath in. You can nebulize things other than colloidal silver, but colloidal silver is a safe, ready to use option (tap water, even boiled and cooled, is not a safe option).

Today’s nebulizer’s are slimmer and more quiet than ever before—so there’s nothing stopping you from sitting back and marathon watching the new season of House of Cards while taking care of your health.

Other reasons people use nebulizers are to help break up mucus, especially if they’ve got bad post nasal drip from a cold or sinus infection, or just generalized mucus from the flu. Once you get comfortable with nebulizing, you can use it early and often—surprised when a relative shows up with a cough? Sneezy-hands coworker is all over the office? Outbreak at your kids’ school or daycare? Get in early before anything takes hold with a short sit-down with your nebulizer.

If you’ve got it in your sinuses, too, be sure to pair the nebulizer with a sinus flooding kit. If you’re going to clear out gunk, clear it out of everywhere!

Are you a nebulizer lover? What are your tips?


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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