First Aid: What Do You Do If A Tooth Pops Out?


ToothYou fall hiking, you get hit in the face during sports, or maybe you just slip in the shower, and a tooth gets knocked out. What do you do next?

According to some researchers, the first five minutes are critical. Yes, FIVE minutes—that means you need to know what to do (starting with remaining calm) because you don’t really have time to get to a doctor or ER (where you’ll have to wait once you get there anyway).

First: pick the tooth up by the crown (the part that’s normally exposed). Do not touch the root—its the cells on the root you’re trying to protect and keep alive so that the tooth will stay put once you re-implant it.

Second: Is the tooth clean? If not, pour a glass of milk or water (or spit if you’re able) and gently swirl the tooth. Second best is putting it under (slow, gentle) running water.

Now, others say you have a 20-30 minute window to get the tooth back in. So if you need to take a second to check your injuries, do it. And if someone has a concussion, or is unconscious, don’t worry about putting the tooth back. Instead, store it in 1) saliva, or 2) milk to take with you to the hospital. Don’t use water. You can even buy a special tooth-saver for your first aid kit (because who has milk with them on a hike/football field/etc.?).

Next: gently push the tooth back into place, and bite on a clean cloth to hold it there. Then go to the doctor/ER. They’ll put a stint in to hold your tooth in place while the cells (hopefully) rebond. Generally, this is a two-week process.

Then, your dentist will schedule a root canal (don’t worry—they’ve done studies saying they’re over-hyped as being painful—most people just hate the recovery time). The root canal is a preventative measure to ensure that the tooth doesn’t get infected and rot, since it was exposed to air/germs.

You will also be encouraged to keep your mouth clean, and maybe floss/brush/mouth-rinse more than normal. You can also support your immune system in the meantime with colloidal silver.

As you can see, this is pretty simple first aid, and everyone should know about it because the longer it takes to put the tooth back, the less likely it will work.

Did you know this bit of first aid? If not, be sure to share the knowledge with your friends and share this article, then let us know what you think in the comments!


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