Puerto Rico and every state but Hawaii are reporting widespread flu activity. While optimists keep saying we’ve hit peak, actual data indicates flu is soaring to epidemic levels. In some of the hardest hit states, hospitals are having to deal with overflow, idling ambulances outside and pitching tents. This is the worst flu season in 10 years—since the swine flu outbreak of ’09.

Hardest hit is everyone over 50. It’s normal for those 65+ to be hit hard by the flu, but usually it’s infants and others with weakened immune systems to be hit next worst. The reason is that this year’s big strain, H3N2, has only been around 50 years, having first emerged as the Hong Kong Flu in 1968. Your immune system is best prepared to deal with the first flu you were exposed to, and no one over 50 was exposed to H3N2 as a child. Even so, H3N2 is extremely virulent, and plenty of kids and healthy adults have fallen to it as well.

Adding another layer to this disaster, this year’s flu shot doesn’t stand up to what’s going around. It’s only about 10% effective.

What you can do to protect yourself against the flu (besides hide in your house) is to make sure you’re washing your hands frequently, not rubbing your eyes, nose, or mouth, keeping things humid with a humidifier (or cheating by boiling water) and supporting your immune system with healthy meals, good sleep, and a bit of exercise and sunshine.

You can do more by giving your immune system a boost with colloidal silver. During flu season, start every morning with a little colloidal silver, then enhance your efforts by using it to safely help clear out your sinuses. You can use colloidal silver in your sinuses three easy ways: as a quick spritz for a boost or maintenance, as a few drops added in your neti pot during your usual sinus rinse, or by doing some serious cleaning with a sinus flood, which soaks and reaches the entire sinus cavity.

This flu season, we need every tool we’ve got. Make sure you’re getting the most with colloidal silver.

How is flu season in your town?


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