Remember those predictions that we’ll have a bad flu season, because Australia did? They’re turning out to have been pretty accurate. Just in time for all that holiday travel the number of flu cases in the US is increasing, with severe side effects. Right now, the South has the biggest upward flu trend, but all the gathering and traveling will help spread it further (getting on a plane already has a very high chance of causing illness, flu season or not!).

To make things a little worse, the flu shot is estimated to be only about 10% effective this year. The flu shot is made months in advance based off predictions of flu season. This year, predictions seem to have been askew, in two different ways (which strains it was produced for, and a step in the production which can cause a mutation put it further off course). The flu shot wasn’t very effective in Australia this year, either, probably contributing to their severe flu season.

But wait, there’s more… the dominant strain this year is a particularly severe one. Compared to the big H1N1 outbreak, it caused more than four times as many flu cases in Australia this year. Basically, everyone needs to do their part to help prevent the spread of flu this year!

What makes a flu season severe? For one, lots of cases. Widespread flu is one factor. Another is more extreme symptoms—more missed work, more hospital cases, more complications. And those severe symptoms tend to impact people with weakened immune systems the most, that’s kids and the elderly, people with chronic conditions (asthma, diabetes, anything that stresses you or your immune system out), pregnant women, and even people just having a bad day (not enough sleep, skipped breakfast, etc.).

You can do a lot to prevent the flu, even if the vaccine isn’t great this year. Start by knowing flu vs. cold symptoms: the flu will hit quick, and knock you out. A cold is slower and easier to work through. Flu will send you to bed with coughing, fever, and other respiratory symptoms (lots of vomiting is usually stomach flu, a different winter illness).

Keeping things humid with a humidifier helps slow flu transmission. The biggest thing is frequent hand washing (not just the normal times after the bathroom/before food, but after being in public places or interacting with others). And support your immune system, too. Give your body enough sleep, good nutrition, exercise, and all those other staples. Then throw in some daily immune support with colloidal silver.

Be prepared this flu season so you can enjoy all winter has to offer, including the holidays!

Is there a lot of flu near you?


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