How do we predict flu seasons, and how do we decide what to put in the flu vaccine? One big factor is the sort of flu season the Southern Hemisphere goes through before us, and Australia has had a pretty bad one (and we’ve prepared a matching flu vaccine, so we’re expecting the same strains). Make sure you’re prepared for a potentially bad flu year with plenty of colloidal silver.

Other factors include year to year strains and prevalence (you might have immunity from a strain that circulated the previous year), which strains (Type As are more likely to widely circulate and burn out quickly while Influenza Type Bs are slower and longer), and flu evolution (strains changing to be more virulent).

Nothing is set in stone, flu is hard to predict, even with a best guess. Besides the scientific factors like which strain is spreading where, there are social factors like how much people go out during cold and flu season, how much they head into work with a fever, cough, or other symptoms, when and where they travel, and more.

And that’s where you have power: you can stop the spread of flu.

The flu shot puts a dent in things, but personal habits are the biggest factor. Stay home and rest when you’re ill, you’ll get better faster, and you’ll keep others from catching it. Remember that getting the flu once doesn’t give you immunity, so don’t dive into a sick crowd. With an estimated four strains in circulation this year, that’s four different times you could get bowled over with flu. And the biggest prevention of all: wash your hands more than you think you need to.

Keep up good self-care so you’re prepared for when you coworker comes in sick, you have to take that plane ride, or a local outbreak becomes unavoidable. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating well (despite it being sweet season) and daily immune support with colloidal silver.

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