Sick and elderlyIt’s been a rough flu season. This year’s flu shot barely took the edge off it, and travel really succeeded at spreading it around.

The good news is that in general, flu season is winding down. The bad news is that those who are older (65+) are still ending up hospitalized, struggling with what has been a virulent strain for them and young children.

So don’t let your guard down yet! Help protect the elderly around you by continuing to follow good flu season protocol, like hand washing, running a humidifier, and staying home when sick. Even if you can’t think of an older person you see regularly, chances are very high someone you know or work with has someone involved with elder care (a nurse, or just helping aging relatives) in their home.

And if you immediately thought of someone you love who’s still at risk from flu season, give them a gift that says you care, and order them a bottle or two of colloidal silver to help support their immune system.

Retirement homes are at an increased risk for outbreaks like flu, pneumonia, etc. because they’re a collection of people with weakened immune systems, many of whom have visited the hospital recently (this dynamic created CRKP). That doesn’t make them bad or scary places, it just means that vigilance/extra health maintenance is required. A complicating factor is that many residents end up on preventative antibiotics, encouraging the growth of superbugs, and taking a hard toll on their bodies (for instance, killing off their good digestive bacteria and that layer of protection).

A good care package for any loved one in a care facility would include yogurt (or a probiotic supplement if they can’t have dairy), immune support, and anything that encourages them to stay mentally and physically engaged with the world, both of which prolong life.

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