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flu season

The CDC has extended flu season, although the severity is pretty regional at this point. That means you need to keep up with flu prevention because cold snaps and travel can still cause swells of the flu. Make sure you’re stocked up on colloidal silver since this year’s flu season is unlikely to end in April.

Hospitalizations and other severe reactions to the flu are one way flu season is measured, but much harder to estimate are the number of sick people staying home and resting (as they should). These average cases make flu season harder to track (although Google once made a flu map that was a good effort). Pay attention to local news, which is more likely to have feedback from local doctors and businesses that are affected by spikes in the flu.

Hand washing is the number one way to stop flu transmission. Humidity can also help slow airborne transmission. Coming into contact with the flu may be unavoidable as some people will still go into work, or someone in your family can bring it home—so make sure to support your immune system. Healthy habits like making time for sleep, eating lots of veggies, and exercising encourage a healthy immune system. For extra support, take colloidal silver daily, and a little extra when you know you need it.

The worst part about a prolonged flu season is that it overlaps with seasonal allergies, ticks, mosquitoes, and other summer ailments that begin when the weather starts to be warm.

Keep up the immune support with colloidal silver and make sure you have enough for your whole household.


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