Flu MaskPatients with weakened immune systems are being warned that flu season is expected to go through May or even June this year!

Don’t think you’re off the hook if you’re located somewhere warm. Travel, no sick days for foodservice workers, and other factors still spread flu. In colder regions, snow and low temperatures are a good sign you’ll have a sneezing coworker soon. In warmer places, watch for low-humidity and colder days to mark a bump in flu cases.

Why are doctors warning patients? People with weakened immune systems—the very young (infants), old, sick, and pregnant women—are at a high risk for severe symptoms and hospitalization. At the start of this flu season, common “antivirals” with big marketing campaigns had doctors recommending them as a first step when patients got sick (normally doctors push the flu shot, but it was barely effective this year). By January, headlines had come out that that very popular “antiviral” was closer to a placebo that health support!

The best offense against the flu is a good defense—and that means not letting the opposition
touch you. Be at the forefront of culture, and adopt alternatives to handshaking (all the rich and famously smart are doing it!). A head nod, wave, etc. help you avoid spreading germs with a handshake. Remember—it’s far more rude to rush off to wash your hands at the first opportunity, which is what you should do during cold and flu season!

Wash hands frequently, give a wide berth to people with sniffles and coughs, and continue to support your immune system. A full night’s rest is 7-9 hours—while you can train yourself to sleep less, your body won’t function optimally (and tests prove this, universally). Eat well (it’s almost time for spring to fill stores with a great produce selection!), and don’t forget to support your immune system with colloidal silver!

Colloidal silver is a great source of daily immune support. I always double up with an afternoon teaspoon if I think I’m coming down with something. Sinus rinses and nebulizers are also great wintertime immune support!

What are your thoughts on a long winter?


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