The number of flu cases is still going up—so it’s expected that we still have several more weeks of influenza to get through. Make sure you’re keeping up best practices to avoid the flu and supporting your immune system with colloidal silver.

There’s good news and bad news to go with it; the bad news is that if you’re young, this year’s flu strain is hitting harder. Young adults and children are getting knocked out harder by the flu strain in circulation. That means the good news is that the elderly (those most likely to be hospitalized by the flu) are doing better this year—but they should still be vigilant, as flu can easily cause secondary infections for them and may require more intense care and a longer recovery. This year, those who need to be the most on guard are younger with weakened immune systems.

The flu is considered widespread in several states and still spreading. To avoid catching the flu, make sure that you’re washing your hands frequently. You can try and avoid sick people, but it’s up to those with the flu to stay home and rest to avoid spreading it.

Flu season usually lasts until around March, but will sometimes go until June. In the past decade, it’s seasons like this where flu peaks late that it lasts the longest.

You can also stay ahead of flu season with immune support. Rest, drink plenty of fluids, get your nutrients, and make ample use of colloidal silver (as a daily supplement and as direct lung support with your nebulizer!). Flu symptoms come on fast and strong. Make sure you’re ready with enough colloidal silver on hand for an immunity boost.

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