Many cities, schools, and workplaces are issuing warnings through emails, posted signs, and community outreach: watch out for symptoms of flu, strep, and nausea.

It’s normal for flu season to still be going on in March, but this year things are going a little worse. Save yourself the anxiety and heartache of looking at the headlines of flu gone wrong, and put your energy into preparing for and bracing against it instead. (Hint: make sure you’ve got some immune support to use, like colloidal silver).

First, know the symptoms:

Flu comes on hard and strong (which is a good way to differentiate it from the common cold, which can come on slow and linger). Fever, chills, aches, malaise, coughing and congestion denote the flu. Remember that influenza is a respiratory disease, even though stomach flu is also sometimes shortened to “the flu” in everyday conversation.

Stomach flu comes in many forms from many places. During the winter, there are some lovely varieties that spread through the air further that you would expect, meaning that exposure can come from more than just what you eat (although that’s still a lot of it). It might be over quickly, or it might take a couple of days. The symptom to watch for? Dehydration. If you can’t keep enough water in, get to a doctor.

And strep throat? It’s more than just a sore throat. It’s bad breath, headaches, trouble swallowing, and even sometimes vomiting. A high fever can also hint at strep.

Then, prepare:

Increasing humidity with a humidifier can help decrease risk of catching flu, and provide comfort. Frequent handwashing and extra cleaning are also good forms of prevention

Keep yourself healthy in ways you can control, with healthy meals, exercise, and enough sleep. You can even throw in some extra support with colloidal silver.

Share your experiences of this flu season in the comments:


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