Sick Girl In BedInfluenza loves cold weather, so it’s no surprise that people are coming down with the flu all over the place. Google Flu Trends is gone, but others are stepping up to create forecasts.

What’s it look like? One map has the east coast (especially the northeast) full of flu, with a growing number of cases spreading out west.

If you haven’t encountered it yet, you’re running out of time to prep. As people travel, the flu—and different strains, will be traveling too.

Having a supported immune system is a good blanket step (whether you’re looking for prevention or support as you’re getting through it).

But there are other considerations, too …

… Like eating healthy. Figuring out all the food groups three times a day seems daunting, and possibly not even appetizing. Here’s where planning ahead solves both problems: freezer meals. If you haven’t found these gems on the internet yet, it’s time. They’re perfect for people with chronic health problems, trouble planning healthy weekday meals, or just anticipated needs (like knowing this flu season is expected to be bad!).

The basics? Do the prep for your favorite veggie rich comfort foods. Peel, chop, and organize into freezer bags for a rainy day (meat too!)—slow cooker recipes work well, but soups do, too. Or, try canning (like some chicken soup). Then you have a healthier, homemade meal with no effort. Better than eating junk take out when you’re too sick to work in the kitchen.

How about exercise? Here’s the rule of thumb: above the neck (like a head cold) getting some exercise will help you get better faster. Below the neck you should take to bed. Here’s the caveat—try and move around as you start to feel better. It helps your body get better, stimulating your lymph system and generally helping to move the gunk out. I’m not talking about training for a marathon, just gentle movement.

And rest: take it early and often, and you’ll actually spend fewer days sick. So far this year, sick workers have spread everything from Norovirus to Typhoid!

Want something more? Pick up some MesoSilver to support your immune system, (or maybe our Immune System Regenerator)!

Has the flu hit near you yet?


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