There’s all kinds of folk wisdom about fighting infections, and as antibiotic resistance becomes an increasingly threatening issue, scientists are giving folk cures serious consideration and validation through research. You can add cranberry juice to the list of study validated remedies: a new study finds that it can help fight bacteria and even antibiotic resistance.

Alongside other folk wisdom like “starve a fever, feed a cold”, using colloidal silver for the skin and immune system, and baking soda for bug bites, cranberry juice has long been recommended to treat and prevent urinary tract infections. The thought was you’re increasing your output and creating an acidic environment that’s not bacteria friendly.

New research shows that cranberry juice does even more than that: working alongside antibiotics, it weakens bacteria’s defenses and prevents bacteria from fighting back against antibiotics.

Choose the right juice. If you have a UTI or are just trying to boost your battle against infection, make sure to choose pure cranberry juice. Sugar can feed bacteria growth, so a “no sugar added” label is a must–avoid cranberry cocktails or mixes with other juices.

You can also just keep it simple and stick to your regular immune system support with colloidal silver. Colloidal silver also has a long folk history of fighting pathogens and supporting the body, as well as several modern studies showing things like it bypassing antibiotic resistance, and working well on several difficult pathogens.

You can fight against antibiotic resistance with good self-care and continued support with colloidal silver.


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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