Food Safety Increasingly Important During Summer

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Food Safety

Stay safe this summer—follow guidelines so your own food stays fresh, and support your gastrointestinal system against the unexpected and uncontrollable with regular probiotics and immune supporting colloidal silver.

Food safety recommendations have been around for decades, but they’re more important than ever. The current spring and summer temperatures combined with increased demand for food and continued use of antiquated technologies combine to create a problem that seems to be getting bigger every year: more food recalls because of contamination with some serious germs, like Listeria. Summer warmth means ideal growing conditions for bacteria, so here’s how to avoid it, and what to watch out for when shopping.

Start with the obvious: following recalls. One ingredient in one facility may be in a long list of products used in several states, if not across the country.

Know the biggest sources: already prepared foods. Cut fruit, frozen dinners, and sometimes fresh frozen fruits and veggies are all at risk of recall due to bacterial contamination (one bad batch can contaminate equipment and spread, it seems).

Keep food at home safe. Food safety has been taught in home economics classes for decades, and it hasn’t changed much: cook meats to the FDA recommended food safe temperatures, and keep all food appropriately cool or hot. Wash every tool or surface that touches raw meat (and a wide area around surfaces).

You can’t always catch a recall in time or control what you’re eating, though, so support yourself against surprise food poisoning with probiotics and colloidal silver.

Probiotics (which you can take in supplement form with Flora MGR) help your body build up a big colony of healthy bacteria, improving both digestion and your defenses against invading pathogens.

Colloidal silver has been known for centuries to support the immune system, and can be used as daily support or as a boost when you need one.


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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