Winter wasn’t consistently cold enough this year to kill off ticks, so an average to above average tick season is expected (depending on where you live). Ticks are everywhere, and ticks carrying Lyme Disease specifically are in more than half of US counties. Other regions carry other tick diseases, some related to Lyme Disease, others there own set of problems.

Continuing to support your immune system into tick season is one step, but there are others to help reduce your risk for catching Lyme Disease or another tick borne illness.

Now’s the time to get your yard prepared. It’s getting warmer, but animals are still waking from hibernation. Yard goals include: creating a barrier between the grass in your yard and any wild, long grass; getting rid of places rodents/small animals could hide; discouraging large animals like deer from wandering in (and maybe also doing mosquito preparations like avoiding standing water—look for anywhere it could pool).

As you spend more time outside, get in the habit of preparing against and checking for ticks. Current recommendations say effective bug sprays have at least 20% DEET. Some flower scents may help with detering some bugs.

Outdoor pets can bring ticks inside, and dogs can get Lyme Disease too, so include them in your defenses. Both humans and pets should be checked for ticks after time outside. If you find a tick, don’t get fancy with removal. Fire, vaseline, and other tricks are more likely to cause ticks to transmit Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease symptoms don’t always present with a bullseye rash. If Lyme Disease is new to your area, it can be more difficult to get a diagnosis. Advocate for yourself, and don’t let up on immune support, including colloidal silver.


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