Good News About Nano Silver!


Over the last few years, there’s been a slow build of interest in nano silver (which legit colloidal silvers, like MesoSilver, are made of) among the scientific community. Mostly, these studies have been happening abroad (Hong Kong, India…).

But now, thanks to many companies using nano silver in their products to reduce germs, fight odors, etc; and a rising public interest in both the safety of nano silver in particular and nano particles in general, someone finally funded a proper, American, double blind study. Anti-colloidal silver alarmists can now shut their mouths. (Not that they will!)

Keith Moeller, director of American Biotech Labs, which did the study, began with a preliminary test. He’s been taking a nano silver supplement for 15 years. Not only does he not have obvious signs of argyria (a super rare condition that has turned a few home-brew colloidal silver drinkers grey), but a test of his bodily tissue showed that none, positively zero had accumulated!

For the actual study, they tested all the bodily systems, fluids, etc. In every possible aspect, after two weeks of taking a nano silver supplement, no harm was done to any participant! (Of course, if you’re on this blog, you probably take it yourself and already knew that from personal experience!).

According to the study, the body passes the silver nanoparticles in about 24 hours, and silver becomes most present in the blood stream in about 2 hours. (We’ve also found this in our studies… be sure to check them out on the Colloids for Life homepage. Nano silver is excreted not just through urine, but through hair follicles and sweat).

The study still needs peer-review before it’s published, but it sounds like the researchers covered all their bases. They’ve also collected a large library of studies from around the world that show the same results!

As for the benefits of Nano Silver, that’s a topic for another day. Now that a big study has shown it’s safety, there can be no objection to starting human trials on potential health benefits. Various studies have shown that besides it’s antimicrobial properties (it kills viruses, bacteria, small parasites, fungi… even the drug resistant kinds) it may have benefits in fighting cancer. Perhaps soon we will get a better picture of all these benefits besides just small studies and anecdotal evidence!

PS. The link to the study is in the Wall Street Journal—hopefully such a big media source will be able to bring positive attention to Colloidal Silver! We’ve got more positive stories from big media to share later this week.

What do you think the future of Colloidal Silver is? Share your ideas in the comments!


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