Guess Where The Airplane Germs Are?


Airplane…On alllll the surfaces. Researchers put together their own little airplane cabin, and tracked different germs survival on all the surfaces. Without thorough cleaning, everything from MRSA to E. coli thrived… especially thanks to dry recirculated airplane air.

Chair backs, trays, buttons (plastic AND metal), pretty much everything. If you’re on an early flight you might be getting a well cleaned plane, but a later flight? With delays, straggling passengers, and fatigue, by the end of the day you’re probably sitting in a hot bed of you-name-it. (And cleaning aside, plastic is porous and, on most planes around a decade old).

The researchers plan to follow up on ideal cleaning methods to combat the problem. The study was co-funded by the FAA, and another avenue you might see implemented is the replacement of fabrics and surfaces with antimicrobial ones. (Nano silver is still a leading way to reduce the spread of germs in these instances).

For now, as a traveler, there are some basic strategies you can follow to reduce your exposure to MRSA and other bacteria:

-Try and minimally interact with airplane surfaces. More importantly, don’t touch your face (eyes, nose, mouth).

-Wash your hands as often as possible when traveling. If you want to use antibacterial soap, go for an alcohol based one and NOT triclosan.

-Keep your immune system strong when traveling. That means scheduling time for rest, decent meals, and leaving enough time to not be rushed and stressed. Bandage and open wounds, and consider an immune supporting supplement like MesoSilver.

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