Summer Beach FeetWhat’s more romanticized about summer than running around barefoot? At the beach, through a meadow, squishing lake mud, feeling hot sand…

But that image tarnishes quickly if you haven’t taken good care of your feet, and even if you have, running around barefoot will tear them up pretty quickly!

So here’s our guide to healthy summer feet:

-Soak and scrape off extra dead skin. Dead skin creates cracks that not only hurt all by themselves, but can be an in for germs. And dead skin is a great growing place for fungus (Athlete’s Foot!).

-And keep feet dry, whether that’s at the gym, or baking in the sun. Moisture is another way to get fungus growing on your feet!

-Manage nail length—too short, and you might be giving ground to fungus, too long, and they could tear during barefoot adventures.

-Don’t forget the sunscreen! Between toes, bottom of feet, too! If you’re going barefoot, you risk getting burned—and it will hurt if you have to walk on it. Plus, because your feet are often overlooked, they’re at a greater risk for skin cancer.

-Be realistic—shoes protect feet. So make sure anywhere you’re running around barefoot is free of things like glass, nails, etc. But there’s also something you probably won’t notice—parasites, MRSA, and other skin diseases. In addition to watching for sunburn, watch your feet for any redness or skin changes. And be aware of what your local risks are.

-For days you do wear your shoes, be sure to alternate. You’re more likely to sweat during summer, and good shoe care means switching shoes each day so they can dry out. You can help keep shoes clean and odorless with Smelly Shoe Spray.

And for all that extra pathogen exposure, be sure to keep your immune system strong with Colloidal Silver!

Share your fun summer plans with us!


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