Flu is in the air. Different areas are already reporting signs of a severe flu season, like hospitalizations. This follows predictions based on Australia’s flu season (which is considered an indicator of ours). Australia had a severe year, and now it looks like we’re following.

While it’s important everyone should prepare, certain people are more at risk of experiencing a severe flu season: those whose immune systems are weaker.

Chronic conditions like diabetes, respiratory issues like asthma, or heart disease are already taxing your immune system. Even just being very old, or very young can impact your body’s pathogen fighting ability. Add in the flu and it’s just too much.

Prepare for flu season by making sure you have extra flu support. Everyone can use the immune system support of colloidal silver, but it’s those who have weakened immune system who should make sure they have the extra daily support.

And keep up regular health support, too. Sleeping enough, exercising, eating well, and stress can all have an effect on the immune system, too, and most people can notice it. Having a good day can make the difference when you’re inevitably exposed to the flu. The next best thing is alo having that immune support from colloidal silver.

Flu symptoms hit fast. The aching, coughing, sneezing, and fever of the flu can knock you off your feet. Make sure you’ve got everything possible to make it through the illness. Having extra colloidal silver on hand makes it easier if you get sick, or if someone in your house brings it home. You can also decrease transmission with frequent handwashing and a humidifier.

What are your flu tricks? Share in the comments:


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