How Do You Use Colloidal Silver for Inflammation

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People have found that colloidal silver can be used for many things. Historically, its main uses were supporting the immune system, supporting skin as it healed, and preventing bacterial growth in various ways.

With colloidal silver being so versatile, you may wonder how to use colloidal silver for inflammation. Since there are different reasons for inflammation and different ways to use colloidal silver, here’s where those uses may support your health if you have inflammation.

What is Colloidal Silver?

There are so many products that call themselves colloidal silver while actually being wildly different from each, it’s important to start off with what is true, pure colloidal silver before looking at how to use colloidal silver for inflammation!

A true colloidal silver is made up just of pure nanosilver particles and water. It’s not a tincture, a protein, compound, or ionic—always make sure you have the pure, best colloidal silver before getting started.

What is Inflammation?

Before using colloidal silver for inflammation, try and make sure it’s actually inflammation.

Inflammation is generally pain, redness, and swelling, although it may look a little different depending on what’s causing it and where it is on the body. Inflammation can be a precursor to infection, and if it’s a chronic problem inflammation can cause all sorts of other health issues in the body.

Some things may look like inflammation but are a little different, like gout. Gout is a sort of inflammation of the joints (especially toes) but it’s caused by diet/uric acid, and the best natural treatment is lots of water and antioxidants alongside a change in diet and exercise habits. Knowing what’s causing inflammation can help you make the right decisions for how to support yourself.

Causes of Inflammation

Inflammation can take a lot of forms—it may be external, like if you’re struggling to heal broken skin, or it may be internal, like if your gut is upset about what you ate. Figuring out what kind of inflammation you’re dealing with is important before deciding how to use colloidal silver for inflammation.

General Inflammation

Depending on your health and any chronic problems you may have, you may suffer from chronic inflammation. Stress, diet, an imbalance of rest or exercise, and more can contribute to general inflammation in the body.

Inflammation from a Wound

Sometimes, wounds don’t heal easily or quickly. Part of the body’s immune response can include inflammation, and this has to be watched closely for signs of pus or infection.

Inflammation from Underlying Health Conditions

Underlying health conditions—from gout to gut conditions like Crohn’s to age related problems to genetic problems—can be a source of inflammation.

Sometimes lifestyle changes can help manage these conditions, other times more intense care and oversight is required.

How to Use Colloidal Silver for Inflammation

Once you’ve narrowed down what sort of inflammation you’re dealing with, here are some different ways to use colloidal silver for inflammation.

Support Healing

Some types of inflammation—wounds, some gut problems, even acne and rosacea—benefit from the additional support of colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is known for supporting skin/tissue to heal, and is often used in over-the-counter creams as well as products and devices in hospitals.

With pure colloidal silver, you can get skin support at home. Spray on healing skin, or onto the pad of a bandage before you use it to help support skin. Depending on the size and way it’s healing you may need to repeat this more than once a day.

To use colloidal silver for inflammation on broken skin, you can apply it directly or you can take it as a supporting supplement.

Support the Immune System

When skin isn’t broken, how to use colloidal silver for inflammation changes only a little. You can still spray colloidal silver onto problem areas—especially in cases like acne or rosacea—or you can drink it for all over immune support.

It’s your body’s job to keep inflammation from spreading, but if it’s fighting pathogens or reacting to other stimuli, it might need a little support. It’s best to use colloidal silver for inflammation alongside other natural lifestyle changes.

Support Preventative Care

No matter how or why you have inflammation, it’s taking a toll on your immune system. If it’s a papercut, a small zit, or an upset stomach, your body is spending resources getting that fixed.

Especially as we head into cold and flu season, it’s important to give your body a little extra support. This is another way to use colloidal silver for inflammation—as back-up for your buse immune system.

Other Things to Do for Inflammation

Veggies, antioxidant rich fruits, exercise, rest, and meditating to de-stress are natural ways to fight inflammation, and should be in your arsenal—especially if you suffer from chronic inflammation.

Now that you know how to use colloidal silver for inflammation, be sure you have enough for your needs—inside and out.


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