How Much Colloidal Silver Do You Give to a Dog?



The question almost always comes up for pet owners who themselves have used and experienced the benefits of colloidal silver: how much colloidal silver do I give my dog?

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The short answer is that like humans, the size of a dog plays an important role in how much colloidal silver you give to a dog—so dog’s only need a little! But as with everything, there are exceptions! So read on for more details about if, when, and how much colloidal silver to give to a dog (or cat!).

Can Dogs Have Colloidal Silver?

Before getting started with how much colloidal silver to give a dog, you should always ask one very important question: can dogs even have colloidal silver (or whatever else you’re thinking of giving them).

Generally, yes! As with anything, there may be a dog who is an exception—but we’ve given our dogs colloidal silver, and a number of vets have recommended it over the years. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence about both the safety and usefulness of giving dogs colloidal silver!

What is Colloidal Silver?

An important aside is to always make sure you’ve got real colloidal silver. Ionic silver, silver proteins, and other variations that aren’t pure colloidal silver may be less safe or less effective. You should avoid these for yourself and your dog!

True colloidal silver is just two things: pure silver nanoparticles and pure water. Lesser (but not always cheaper) products often have other ingredients or aren’t made as well.

How Much Colloidal Silver Do I Give My Dog?

The answer to “how much colloidal silver do I give my dog” really depends on why you’ve decided to give your dog colloidal silver. For general immune support? Because they get into trouble outside from time to time (running off, encountering other animals, or romping through tick infested grass, etc.), or because they need extra health support as they age? Every pet will have their own needs, so you can vary how much colloidal silver you give your dog to match!

As Daily Immune Support…

If you’ve experienced how great colloidal silver is, you may want to share that daily immune support with your pet! In this case, the answer to “how much colloidal silver do I give my dog?” is just a little. Even a big dog is much smaller than a human, so they need much less.

Just put a few drops in their water bowl when you refill it (bonus, it will naturally keep the water more fresh).

When Pets Run Wild…

If you’ve got a curious rover or an avid hunter, you may want to up the immune support whenever they have an encounter. Dogs can get sick from other animals, just like humans! There is a strain of flu they can get, dog-specific illnesses from the dog park, and even Lyme Disease and other parasite carried illnesses.

Dogs can’t tell us about their first symptom, either. Often, we notice they’re sick only when things are starting to get more serious. 

If you have a friendly and curious pup, you may want to answer “how much colloidal silver do I give my dog?” with a little bit more—an occasional extra dose after they’ve had a wild outside adventure.

If Your Pet Gets Sick…

Colloidal silver supports the immune system against pathogens. Before rushing to figure out how much colloidal silver to give your dog when sick, try and figure out what they’ve got, first!

That said, we’ve heard of people using colloidal silver for everything from sinus infections, to mange, to suspected Lyme Disease in their pets. How much your pet needs depends on their size and how sick they are. Colloidal silver is commonly used to support skin health and healing, and you can do the same with your pets!

Not Just for Dogs– Cats and Colloidal Silver

Like dogs, cats can get immune support from colloidal silver too. Multi-cat households in particular may benefit, since some cats may carry one or another feline illness you don’t want transmitted to other cats. Colloidal silver is another layer of support to offer.

Should You Give Your Dog Colloidal Silver?

Pet owners, vets, and more use colloidal silver—and, as long as you choose true colloidal silver, with its versatility you can do a little experimenting to see if it’s right to support your needs.

Pick up some colloidal silver for you, and your pets. 


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