How Much Colloidal Silver to Take When Sick

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When you’re sick you just want to feel better, and you don’t always have the mental or figurative energy to figure out the little details– like how much colloidal silver to take when sick.

The nice thing about colloidal silver is that you can really do what you want with it. Use it how you want, take it how you want, and find the sweet spot that’s right for you.

But if you still want tips, if you don’t want to have to figure out how much colloidal silver to take when sick when you’re already sick… then read on, and we’ll walk you through it.

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What Does Colloidal Silver Do?

Colloidal silver is immune support that you can drink. Silver has been used for thousands of years as more than a decoration, and humans have long understood that silver could help kill germs (and, importantly, that it’s safe, barring allergies).

Colloidal silver is a drinkable form of silver for supporting your immune system and more. It also has a known use for supporting skin, and people have found all sorts of other ways to use colloidal silver.

You can take colloidal silver as daily support, or you can just figure out how much colloidal silver to take when sick.

How Much Colloidal Silver to Take Before You’re Sick

Most people take colloidal silver as daily immune support, so they are already taking a base amount of colloidal silver before figuring out how much colloidal silver to take when sick.

As a daily supplement, the general guideline is to take about a Tablespoon a day—but a very big person will naturally need more than a very small person, and everyone has a different immune system and different health concerns!

If You Take Colloidal Silver Daily, Will You Still Get Sick?

People take colloidal silver daily because they find that it works well for them, but it’s not magic. If you’re overwhelmed with disease exposure—for example you come out of the woods covered in Lyme infected ticks, you work somewhere with sick people, or you have an event that tanks your immune system (like surgery or some chronic illnesses)—it can offer support, but those are still major events!

How Much Colloidal Silver to Take When Sick

There’s different types of being sick, so how much colloidal silver to take when sick varies (on top of it already varying based on how big or small you are, how healthy you were to start, and how many chronic health problems you may be carrying).

Sinus infections, colds, flus, and even food poisoning are some of the more common illnesses we hear about from other people taking colloidal silver. 

How much colloidal silver to take when sick is completely up to you. We’ve heard of people taking an entire bottle over a single day—but that should be the exception, not anything close to normal.

Most people just take an extra dose or two of whatever their normal dose is, but at a different time. If you’re good at feeling a cold come on, know someone sneezed in your face, or are tracking other early warning signs, take an extra dose somewhere during the day.

Other Ways to Get Colloidal Silver Support 

Colloidal silver can safely be used a number of ways, from skin support, to sinus support, and more!

When it comes to colds, sinus infections, and more, colloidal silver can safely be used in the sinuses to loosen and remove mucus while delivering direct immune support. The easiest way to do it is with our sinus flooding kit, which takes a few minutes to do but is great for relieving sinus pressure and pain caused by thick mucus.

Colloidal silver can also be used in a nebulizer for respiratory support.

Always Make Sure You Have Real, Pure Colloidal Silver

Safety first—and that means making sure you have real colloidal silver! Some brands use the trusted colloidal silver name/term on products that aren’t real or pure colloidal silver—they’re ionic silver, silver proteins, or have other additives. Sometimes the fine print will clue you in—but you can also tell by looking! True colloidal silver will reflect light, having a dark gray/blue color.

Make sure you have enough colloidal silver to meet your needs before you get sick.


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