How To Apply Colloidal Silver to Skin

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Silver has long been used to support health in many different ways, and colloidal silver, its supplement form, is the pinnacle of silver-as-immune support. While many people make sure they’re getting immune support year-round with colloidal silver, not everyone is taking advantage of the second-most well-known use for colloidal silver: skin support.

You can apply colloidal silver to your skin to support overall skin health against chronic problems like acne, or to support the healing of minor wounds (especially burns). Here’s everything you need to know about how to apply colloidal silver to the skin.

First: Make Sure You’ve Got True Colloidal Silver

Before doing anything with a supplement (even applying colloidal silver to skin), look closely and make sure you know what you’ve got. Especially now, there are many fakes, inferior versions, and worse circling. If you bought your colloidal silver from a reputable retailer that’s been around (like Colloids for Life) you’re good to go.

Real colloidal silver is, most importantly and somehow not obviously, a colloid. Many ionic silver products, silver proteins, and products with additives still stick “colloidal” in the brand name and the truth in the fine print.

You can identify colloidal silver by sight—it should reflect light, making the liquid a dark silver-blue color.

Can You Apply Colloidal Silver to Skin?

Yes! Not only is it safe to apply colloidal silver to skin, it’s well-known that silver helps to heal wounds better/faster. In fact, you can find products in the store that are marketed to help keep wounds infection free or aid healing that use silver as an ingredient. Choosing to apply colloidal silver to skin is choosing a more pure, higher quality product that is typically found in the bandages and creams at stores.

Using colloidal silver to help small wounds like cuts, scratches, and burns heal is well-known and usually freely acknowledged as helpful. The one exception: a small number of people may be allergic to silver, and should make sure they don’t have a reaction before using a lot of silver.

When to Apply Colloidal Silver to Skin

If you’re using colloidal silver for ongoing skin support, a great time to spray it on skin is after you’ve cleaned it and before you use lotions, sunscreens, or make-up, similar to how people use toner. Just spray, let dry for a minute or two, and keep going.

If you’re supporting a wound, there’s no wrong time. Some dermatologists recommend keeping wounds covered and moist to prevent scarring, and silver can be a part of that. Or you can simply spray and air dry, depending on how you’ve decided to care for it while it heals, where it is, etc.

How to Apply Colloidal Silver to Skin:

There’s really no rules about how to apply colloidal silver to skin, but there are two easy ways to get the job done!

First, you can apply colloidal silver to skin by using a spray on your bottle of colloidal silver. Spray anywhere and everywhere!

Or you can splash, spill, or rub it on. Or make your own silver-coated bandages at home by adding a small amount of silver to the sterile bandage pad.

For multiple ways to support skin, try MesoSilver Topical Cream which includes other skin supporting ingredients like aloe and grape seed oil.

There are so many ways to use colloidal silver, the best answer to “how to apply colloidal silver to skin” is the one that works best for you!

How Else Can You Use Colloidal Silver?

Don’t forget that in addition to knowing how to apply colloidal silver to skin, there are many great uses of colloidal silver to learn about.

Colloidal silver is most often used as a daily oral supplement to support the immune system. People also spray it up sinuses, use it on eyes, add it to their neti pot/or do a Sinus Flood, and colloidal silver can even be safely used in a humidifier.

Make sure you have the support and versatility of colloidal silver to customize how you support your health to fit your unique needs.


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