Even if you’re meticulous about your oral hygiene, bad breath happens. It doesn’t always come down to brushing and flossing, so make sure you check for other causes before assuming you’ve done enough. One common cause that goes beyond your teeth and gums? Illness and bacteria. Make sure to kill those germs and support your immune system (in your mouth and beyond) with colloidal silver.

Removing food, plaque, and generally disrupting bacteria by flossing and brushing is a good first step—but there’s more to clean. Make sure to brush your tongue, mouth, and to check your tonsils. When you’re sick, mucus and calcium can mix and form smelly lumps in your tonsils. The gentlest way to remove them is with a water pick, or you can see a doctor. If you have tonsil stones, you’re immune system is fighting something, so be sure to support it with colloidal silver.

If cleaning your mouth doesn’t get your bad breath, the issue may lie deeper. A sore throat can cause bad breath, and it isn’t uncommon at this time of year. Many illnesses also cause a sore throat, and all those germs taking residence down your throat can stink. Take care of yourself when you’re sick, including drinking lots of water and if you’re supporting yourself with colloidal silver give it a gargle on the way down.

If you’re not sick, the problem might be chronic heartburn that destroyed throat tissue, giving off odor. Chronic heartburn can turn serious over time, so see a doctor to get at the root cause. In the short term, try a natural, gentle solution like apple cider vinegar.

And if all that is ruled out, keep going deeper! Sometimes what you eat gives off gases as it digests—not just burps, but a lingering odor on your breath. Avoid sulfurous foods or help them digest with an enzyme like those in Digest Aid.

Since most bad breath is from bacteria, it’s another good reason to make sure you’re supporting your health each day with colloidal silver.

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